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Saturday, 3 September 2011

HDMI Cables

So heres somthing you might not know!

I walked into PC world today, and as usual was hounded by the staff, desperately longing to take my hard earned money from me. Apparently, HDMI cables were on sale and i NEEDED one to get the best out of my television. Being a dedicated home cinema enthusiast, i decided to check the cables out... Up untill the point when I saw the price tag atleast.

£69.99 for a Cable? I think not. See, what people don't realise is, HDMI is a digital signal, not like the old analog scart singals. Therefore, everything is transmitted in a series of 0's and 1's. It makes NO difference if your cable is gold plated, or 99.9% oxygen free, or made by some posh brand and has 25 billion layers of shielding and a stamp to say its special.

They're all the same! so next time your out to buy a cable, dont just fall for the outrageous prices they charge you instore, i mean it might as well be extortion. Jsut go on eBay and buy one for a fiver!


  1. Cant live without my HDMI cables :D

  2. Briliant tip. Didn't know that gold plated or not isn't important. Glad I now know!

  3. very interesting, but please check your spelling.