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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Amazon Tablet

Amazon tablet!
Ao apparently theres a nw amazon tablet coming out in november?
i've had some hand on experience with a number of different tablets and apart from the whole e-ink thing, i cant see what this has got going for it over the ipad two and other tablets in the market.
although the suggested $250 price tag is rather inviting


  1. i just cant get my head around using a tablet.im sure one day soon i will though

  2. I like the kindle but I'm not a big tablet guy

  3. not a tablet person but if i was i' probably shoot for this

  4. I do quite like tablets, but thwy need a screen of 9" or over in my opinion :/

  5. Like you said, I like the price but I think I'll just stick to my Galaxy Tab :P