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Friday, 2 September 2011

1.2 Terabyte SSD!

So, bit of a computer geeek!

But DAYUM, is this thing epic.
1.2 freaking terabytes of storage on a pci SSD, obviously designed for enterprise storage hence the lovely £4000 price tag. But if your a real computer enthusiast and have a large wad of cash lying around, well then why the hell not?
Onboard sandforce processor and speeds of 1 GB a second!


  1. 4000 for a TB ;O
    not sure if you're ever gonna need that much!

  2. Will this make my computer faster? I asked a guy with as similar blog ad didn't get an answer

  3. yes, but then everything else is a bottleneck, this would be 'too' fast, that are alternatives that are much cheape!

  4. I want it now!!!!! But I can't afford it :(

  5. My pc would be beast if I had that